Ceramic Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

3 hour workshop


Make your own precious decorations or personal gifts using ceramics with our 3 hour Christmas Ornament Making Workshop!

We’ll have all the clay, tools, stamps and other decoration techniques available to make the ornaments you’ve always wanted. You can use the slab roller to roll out flat pieces of clay that you can cut or stamp out, or use sculpting techniques to create a piece for the table. Whatever your ideas are, we’ll be here to help you along the way.

Your finished pieces will be ready to pick up and decorate your house at the start of December.


Parking – For the evening classes you are able to park on West St, but during the day West St is only 1 hour parking. Plenty of day parking can be found on streets off West St. There is no parking available the lane way down the side of the shop.

Clay – Your Clay is included in the price.

Glazes – A selection of colours will be supplied as underglazes that you can paint on during the class.

Firing – All firing is included with course costs. There may be an exception if you build a sculpture the size of a small child though..

Registration – Make sure to remember your login and password when you register. All future classes can be booked through that account.

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