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The studio cafe and shop is now open Monday to Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Menu consists of Glee coffee, locally made teas and a selection of small snacks.

We also sell an assorted range of ceramics made right in the shop at Umina. Mugs, plates, bowls, jugs and vases.

Ceramic Bowl

Do You Want to Learn How to Design, Build, and Decorate a Ceramic Bowl?

Our teachers are passionate about working with clay, including teaching you how to hand-make a ceramic bowl and shape distinct objects on a potter’s wheel. Make a group booking and have fun with your friends or family.

Dog Bowls - Glazed
Muddy Hands
Pottery Wheel Making

A History of Pottery Bowls

Pottery is one of the most ancient human innovations. This art originates before the Neolithic period—the earliest pottery objects date to 29,000 to 25,000 BC. To engage in pottery, shape pieces out of clay, harden them by firing, and decorate or glaze them as you desire.

  • Our predecessors used clay collected on hillsides and beside streams to make pottery bowls. They added plant fibres, ground mussel shells, crushed stone, and sand to prevent cracking or shrinking during the drying and firing processes, then employed diverse methods to fashion their prehistoric pots and jars. The earliest vessels are not glazed.
  • The Etruscans and Romans used moulds during the fifth and sixth centuries BC. The Mesopotamians invented the potter’s the wheel between 6,000 and 4,000 BC, a breakthrough that transformed ceramics production.
  • You can make many different kinds of studio pottery or ceramics today, including flatware such as platters, plates, or mugs. Studio potters often create one-of-a-kind art pieces that may or may not have a function, inventing statues, figurines, and other objets d’art for their beauty and exclusivity.

Our classes teach you to do both. You can choose among three-hour workshops to make cups, create pots for succulents, mould a clay figure, or produce customised ceramic dog bowls.

The Benefits of Our Pottery Bowls Classes

Our two- or three-hour Mud with Mates events and 7 to 9 pm Friday Night Wine and Clay group sessions allow for a casual, fun introduction to working with clay. Book for yourself or bring the gang.

  • You can bring your own grog, get muddy, and have some laughs with fun people while hand-shaping ceramics. Bring up to six friends.
  • Your instructor will show you how to make a small dish or platter, mug, or cup, then you can decorate your functional item with some colour or embossed patterns. We will dry and fire your piece twice with glazing in-between, and you can pick it up after about three weeks.
  • If you want to get serious, consider our term-based, eight-week potter’s wheel or hand-building classes. Each class lasts three hours and beginners, as well as experienced potters, are welcome. Small classes ensure one-on-one attention, so you can develop your creativity and make quality pieces that last a lifetime.

Learn to make two ceramic dog bowls in our three-hour Pet Food Bowls workshop that suits all ages. Decorate it with your pet’s name or favourite colours or model a portrait. We also offer eight-week children’s courses.

Why Trust Centered Ceramics Regarding Ceramic Dog Bowls and Other Crafts?

Our instructors will guide you with skill, insight, and innovative ideas during your pottery lessons, no matter which of our workshops or courses you choose. Contact us for more information and bookings.