Centered Ceramics Kiln
Centered Ceramics Kiln

Firing Service

Cone 6 firing

Centered Ceramics offers small batch firing to temperatures:

  • 980°C Bisque
  • 1200°C Glaze

This is NOT a customizable, commercial or artist level firing service. We have hundreds of pots moving through the kilns and whilst all care is taken we make no promises for perfectly predictable firing conditions.

Fire at your own risk


Work is weighed, cost calculated and payment taken at drop off

  • $10 per kilo for Bisque
  • $15 per kilo for Glaze

Note minimum spend is $10 for bisque and $15 for glaze

Proof of clay and glazes used must be shown or established.

Please allow 2-3 weeks approximately for firing. Term students’ work could be prioritised when needed.

Customer is sent an SMS once firing is completed and will be asked to pick up work within 4 weeks.

If work is not collected it will be disposed of at the discretion of Centered Ceramics

Terms and conditions

  • Centered Ceramics will take all possible care however firing outcomes can not be guaranteed.
  • Breakages, cracks, explosions and unexpected colouring is an accepted risk of firing anywhere and at Centered Ceramics.
  • Customers understand Centered Ceramics is not responsible for the quality of the firing outcomes.
  • The base of all pots and 5mm up from base must be free from glaze.
  • You are responsible for any damage your work causes the kilns, kiln shelves or other potters work at Centered Ceramics and will be liable for replacement costs.
  • Customer has 4 weeks from the date of sms notification to collect work. If work is not collected in that time Centered Ceramics will dispose of work at their discretion.
  • Time frames can not be guaranteed.


Cancellations – You can cancel your term class up to 7 days before the start of term for a full refund. Within 10 days is a 10% cancellation fee. Within 3 days no refunds are given, unless another student is found to replace your space, then only the 10% fee is charged with the rest refunded.

Min Class Size – All Hand Building classes need a minimum of 6 people in the class in order for the class to proceed. If there are less than 6 people, we reserve the right to cancel the class and give everyone a refund.

Missing Classes – Separate classes in a term are non-transferable. If you miss a class, you may be able to complete a catchup class in another session if there is space available, but we can not guarantee availability.

Clay – You will be supplied 6kg of clay at the start of the term and we sell an asortment of clay in the studio. You are welcome to bring your own if you run it past the teacher first. Please do not bring earthenware or air dry clay into the classroom as this will melt in our kilns.

Firing Temp – We fire to midfire cone 6, 1200 degrees. 

Firing Costs – Open Wheel students will get 10kg of firing included with term fees. After this quota, firing is charged at $20/kg(slightly cheaper than our standard rate).

Teachers – Sometimes teachers become unavailable leading up to or during a term, so we may need to change teachers. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

Parking – For the evening classes you are able to park on West St, but during the day West St is only 1 hour parking. Plenty of day parking can be found on streets off West St. There is no parking available in the lane way down the side of the shop.

Clay – All clay is included for the 2 hours classes. The 3 hour class you must purchase your own clay.

Glazes – Studio glazes and slips will be supplied. Feel free to bring in other branded glazes. Run them past the teacher to make sure they are compatible with our firing levels.

Registration – Make sure to remember your login and password when you register. All future classes can be booked through that account.

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