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Independent Studio Sessions

This is a space to access your account to book into Independent Studio Time.

Please note:

Do not book unless you have completed 8 weeks of terms with us, or have been otherwise invited.
You will be turned away on the day you are booked if you do not meet these requirements. Please contact us if you would like to know more or have previous potting experience.

Also, take the time to read through the conditions in the booking process. Contact us if you have any questions.

To book into a 3 hour session, you need to purchase prepaid credits, then use these credits to book the space.

  1. Log in then click on PREPAID PACKAGES
  2. You can purchase 2, 6 or 12 session packages.
  3. It’s important that you don’t use your browser Back Button at all here. Only use the buttons inside the web app.
  4. Once you have credits, click on NEW BOOKING – INDEPENDENT STUDIO TIME – then select if you want to book a wheel or hand building session.
  5. Select the date you’d like to come in, and if you’d like to make it a repeat booking.
  6. You can add another booking for another date before checking out.


This is a booking for teacherless Independent Studio Time in either the Hand Building Studio or Wheel Space.

In these sessions we have a few rules to keep everything running smoothly:

    1. All clay needs to be purchased through the shop. No bringing your own clay purchased elsewhere.
    2. Firing is charged by weight at $5/kg for a bisque and either $5/kg for glaze if using your own glazes and $10/kg if using the studio glazes.
      Although we try to fire our kilns as much as possible, we can’t guarantee a firing turnaround time.
    3. If your piece explodes or melts and damages the kiln, you may be liable for repairs. We accept that accidents happen sometimes, but if you knowingly or unknowingly broke the rules, we may ask for a repair fee at our discretion.
    4. Please do not store your clay at the studio. Where possible, take pieces home. We don’t have the space for everyone’s work. We understand that some pieces can’t travel to and from the studio every session, Please confirm it with us if you plan on leaving a piece on the shelf. And see note 5 below..
    5. If you have permission to leave your work at the studio, once your pieces stay on the shelf for longer than a month(whether green or fired), they are either boxed and stored, or recycled if green-ware. Please leave your name and phone number taped to your piece so we can contact you if needed.
    6. The sessions run for 3 hours and this time includes the cleaning. We often run other workshops straight after these sessions, so make sure your space is cleaned for the next workshop by the end of the 3 hours.
    7. Each session you book into is open for 3 hours and you can come and go any time you like. If you only come in for 1 hour, it is still counted as a full 3 hour credit.

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