Unlocking Creativity

Taking your ceramic art to new, exciting places

4 x 3 hour Workshop
(Thursday evenings July 7,14,21,28. 7 – 10pm)
Max class size x 12 persons

What is the relationship between creativity and you as a clay maker or as an enthusiast or as a hobbyist or a supporter or a pedestrian on-looker.

Exploring creativity in a workshop form is a conversation about the many aspects in which creativity relates to our clay work in particular, and by extension, other artistic and creative pursuits. Does originality matter? Should originality be essential to be creative?

When you make, you happen upon the world. Your impressions, your thoughts, your style, your ideas, your intentions, your will, your way of seeing things – your vision, all become your manifesto, your dialogue with the external of you. The things you create and make are your expressive output.

How to be successful in this dialogue is to use your creative powers that facilitate a discussion, this relationship between you, your pots and/or others. Creativity is an enabler. Using your creativity gives you agency to embrace your chosen artistic path in what you want to say and how to say it.

Sometimes we stall in our ability to be creative, or we want to be more creative than we have been, Or you’ve just started and you want to set some creative targets as a pathway to aspire to.

How do you get creativity? This set of workshops will empower you to move beyond your current output and set you up to explore what’s possible.

Look forward to part theory, practice, guidance, and group developments.


Cancelations/Refunds – Bookings are final. No refunds or exchanges are given if you choose to cancel your workshop or class within 48 hours of class commencement.

Parking – For the evening classes you are able to park on West St, but during the day West St is only 1 hour parking. Plenty of day parking can be found on streets off West St. There is no parking available the lane way down the side of the shop.

Clay & Supplies – Clay is included. Feel free to bring your own tools or supplies

Registration – Make sure to remember your login and password when you register. All future classes can be booked through that account.