Centered Ceramics Creative Kids

Children's 3 Hour Workshop

Including snacks

$100 – 3 hour workshop

This is a 3 hour class that runs in the School Holidays.
Each class has the students being guided through the process of building 1 or 2 pieces.

All clay, glazing and firing is included in the price. Because of the duration of this workshop, students need to be 7 or older.

A snack and drink is also included. Please specify if your child has any allergies.

The Creative Kids Voucher can be used on this course to the value of $100. To use this voucher, before you reserve your spot you’ll:

  1. First register for the voucher at
  2. Once you have the voucher code run through the booking process and enter the code, child’s name and DOB in the text box.


Cancelations/Refunds – Bookings are final. No refunds or exchanges are given if you choose to cancel your workshop or class within 48 hours of class commencement.

Parking – For the evening classes you are able to park on West St, but during the day West St is only 1 hour parking. Plenty of day parking can be found on streets off West St. There is no parking available the lane way down the side of the shop.

Clay – Clay is included

Glazes – We will also be either clear or white glazing each of your pieces.

Firing – Firing included with course costs.

Registration – Make sure to remember your login and password when you register. All future classes can be booked through that account.

Kids Pottery

Pottery children | Centered Ceramics

Creative Kids’ Pottery Classes Available

Centered Ceramics offers a variety of kids’ pottery classes. You can choose between our five-hour workshop, which is suitable for kids aged ten or older, or our eight-week term course which consists of eight 90-minute classes and is ideal for kids from age seven and older.

The Importance of Pottery for Kids

We do not doubt that the pottery classes we offer for kids have innumerable benefits for kids. Besides providing your children with an opportunity to create something of their very own from scratch, there are several other advantages to consider.

  • When kids use their hand and arm muscles, they are working on improving their motor skills – and they learn how much they are capable of achieving with their hands. Your children will also feel comfortable in the space we have created, providing them with an opportunity to let their imaginations run wild without fear of judgment.
  • Working with clay often has a soothing effect on kids, and it is beneficial in improving their sensory development. Your kids will engage so many of their senses in our classes – the smell of the clay, seeing their artwork come to life and creating it through touch.
  • Seeing the smile on your child’s face when they receive their final artwork is amazing. Whether they’ve made you a vase or a mug for themselves, the fact that it is something they have created is a moment of pride and works wonders for their self-esteem.
Centered Ceramics Creative Kids

What You Can Expect From Centered Ceramics Regarding Pottery for Kids

We offer a five-hour workshop for kids during school holidays, or an eight-week course that runs during the school term.

  • Your kids will create two pieces in the five-hour workshop, using slab-rolling and pinch-pot techniques. The clay, glazing and firing of their pieces are included, and we also provide a vegetarian lunch.
  • The eight-week course is made up of eight 90-minute lessons once a week. We will teach them how to use pinch-pot, slab-rolling and coil-building techniques to create their imaginative pieces from clay. Their clay, glazing and firing are once again included.
  • You can redeem your Creative Kids Voucher of up to $100 for either of our kids’ pottery classes – all you need to do is enter the voucher code, your child’s name, and their date of birth when you complete the booking process.