Elevate your Wedding

Located in Umina on the picturesque Central Coast of NSW, Centered Ceramics offers a range of options to enhance your wedding. Enjoy an intimate wheel-throwing workshop with your partner, or gather your loved ones for a group hand-building session. We also create bespoke pottery to decorate wedding tables, personalised platters for food/cake or favours to thank your guests.

Discover how our pottery can add a unique touch to your special day.


Private Couple’s Wheel

Join us for a seriously unique experience, where your love meets pottery and dreams take shape in the most wonderful way! 

This super fun, challenging and muddy class is a chance to make pieces to remember your engagement with. Create pieces to use in your ceremony or simply keep as a fun memory of this special time.

$240 – Includes one piece each. Extra pieces $15 each

Group Wheel Experience

Gather your wedding squad and get ready for a whirlwind of fun on our pottery wheels! Spend two unforgettable hours with six participants, laughing, getting a little messy,

$120/head – Includes one piece each. Extra pieces $15 each

Private Hand Building Party

Invite all your favourite people for events in our handbuilding space where we can accommodate groups from 4 to 24. This is an event suitable for all ages and skill levels. Make special items to decorate the wedding reception, make the wedding favours or simply something for your crew as a keepsake, infused with the magic of your engagement!

2 Hours – $465 first 7 people then $65 per extra person up to 24 students
3 Hours – $620 first 7 people then $89 per extra person up to 24 students

If you’re making favours, there’s an extra price on top depending on the pieces you’re making. Contact us for a chat and we’ll bring your vision to life!

Life Model Class

This 3 hour workshop is an exploration of the human form through clay. You will create your own figurative sculpture directly from a life model, which will then be fired to take home. You will be provided with clay for your piece and given all the support and encouragement you could need.


On-Site Pottery Parties

 We can bring the pottery-making experience to your location, equipped with all necessary materials. 


Vases, Plates, and Platters

ContactVases, Plates, and Platters: Hand-thrown or built to order incorporating your wedding themes, messages or special elements like lace from your dress. Perfect for table settings or as guest favours. 

Contact us for prices

Custom Stamp

We can 3D print a stamp to add a personalised touch on all your pottery made in the studio. Supply us with a design or we can put something together for you.


Interested in adding a creative touch to your wedding? Contact us to discuss your ideas or book an event.


Cancelations/Refunds – Bookings are final. No refunds or exchanges are given if you choose to cancel your workshop or class within 72 hours of class commencement. If you need to change your booking before the 72 hours please check your confirmation email, as there is a “View/Change Booking” button there that you need to click on. Then just change your booking to the next available class.

Parking – For the evening classes you are able to park on West St, but during the day West St is only 1 hour parking. Plenty of day parking can be found on streets off West St and there is a parking area on Trafalgar Ave next to the BWS. There is no parking available the lane way down the side of the shop

Clay – All the clay that you’ll need for a workshop is included

Glazes – Workshop pieces are glazed white and custom orders are glazed to order